TCC Coaching
How to Be Better Than the Best

“In everyone’s life at some time the inner flame goes out. We should be thankful to those people who re-kindle our human spirit.”

~Albert Schweitzer

Creating what you say you want and following through on your choices are keys to becoming better than the best. But sometimes doing that can feel like pulling yourself out of bed on a cold morning – you know you should get up but without that extra nudge, a goal, a schedule, it's easier to roll back over.

Coaching provides that extra nudge. A coach will help you develop plans and stay accountable to them. Think of coaching as the alarm clock, hot shower or morning beverage that moves you toward your goals. Your coach helps you focus your dreams, organize your priorities, and celebrate your successes. You can certainly make progress without those little nudges, it’s just a matter of how quickly you want to get moving.

Why Communication Coaching?

Total Communications Coaching was founded to help you stay in touch with your goals while keeping focused on your communication skills. Why? Because you need communication to advance your plans. As your communications coach I begin with helping you clarify what you really want and once you know what you want, help you work on how to engage others in pursuit of your goals.

You can make amazing progress when you have one-on-one guidance to navigate you through the maze of communication dilemmas we all encounter in business and life. As your coach, I help you to assess various options and new ideas and enable you to communicate your intent to others so you can take action.

Say It Just Right™ coaching helps you.

  • Prepare you to finally ask for that promotion.
  • Guide you and support you through an interview cycle.
  • Prepare you for your first big speech.
  • Equip you to communicate with your employees when there’s no money for raises.
  • Give you the skills to ask the bank to finance your new business.
  • Guide you through writing your business plan.

In these situations the difference between success or a blunder is learning how to say it – just right.

What to Expect

One-on-one coaching is conducted by telephone to make the most efficient use of your time. You don’t have to leave your office, and travel delays are never an issue. We schedule appointments weekly or twice a month for 30-45 minutes. All coaching sessions are highly customized to you and your specific needs.

Coaching will be of benefit if you:

  • Want more individualized attention.
  • Prefer one-on-one instruction to group instruction.
  • Are highly ambitious and motivated to learn; coaching is a way to move forward quickly.
  • Seek to break out of old patterns of behavior that prevent you from taking risks and achieving goals.
  • Desire to build a confident, competent team.
  • Are searching for new and challenging personal and professional opportunities
  • Want to be Better than the Best!

Learn to Say It Just Right™ Today

Experience the coaching interaction first hand. I offer an initial free coaching session, during which time we can both assess how coaching can help you succeed. After your free introductory session, if you wish to continue coaching, I offer two plans.

Learn how coaching can work for you - I invite you to contact me today and schedule your complimentary coaching session.

Examples of Say It Just Right™ Coaching Themes

Although coaching may encompass various aspects of your professional life, many clients begin with a certain focus to accomplish specific objectives. Here are a few themes that are popular among my clients.

Say It Just Right™
Individuals wishing to strengthen their visual and vocal image. They wish to shed their inhibitions and manage their “inner critic” so they can take positive risks in their lives. By learning how to say what they want, they gain clarity. By accepting and embracing their strengths and learning to manage their weaknesses, they gain confidence.

Executive Strategic Interviewing
Individuals wishing to optimize their interviewing skills in a private one-on-one setting. They want to learn the POINT strategic interviewing process and are looking for ways to empower themselves as savvy interviewers with the guidance, expertise and support of an experienced communications coach and an authority on interviewing.

Private Coaching for Public Speaking
Individuals wanting to optimize their public speaking – even if they dread the thought of speeches in front of an audience. They want to build their speaking skills and speaking confidence in private with the support of a coach before they speak in public. They want to learn good public speaking skills and practice them before they step onto the stage or walk into the board room.

The Art of Connecting
Individuals whose jobs require them to interact with people in both social and professional settings. They wish to learn how to manage conversations both formally and informally, even when one does not know the other person. They want to develop highly competent communication skills to develop rapport and expand their positive influence.

Learn how coaching can work for you. I invite you to contact me today and schedule a complimentary coaching session.

For people interested in coaching, but would prefer to work on their goals in a virtual group, check out these opportunities. And for people who want to design their own virtual group, contact me.