Do You Let Anger Get the Best of You

Do You Let Anger Get the Best of You?

Answer each question as honestly as you can.

When I feel angry, I. . .
Immediately let my emotions explode.
Push my emotions deep inside me.
Recognize and verbalize my anger even if it's to my cat.
I feel as if anger is. . .
Something to be ashamed of.
Dangerous and ought to be controlled.
A natural part of living.
When someone blames me for their anger, I . . .
Get defensive and tell them why I'm not at fault.
Give them time to vent before I say anything.
Know that they are the only ones at fault for their own anger.
One thing I do to control my anger is. . .
Take a long quiet walk.
Drink a glass of wine.
Take immediate action.
I agree it's not a good idea to bottle up your anger.
Actually I don't agree with this. It helps me to keep my anger in check.
Actually this is a good idea. I always release my anger no matter who gets in the way.
I don't bottle it up, but I try to weigh the consequences of my action.
Anger is definitely a sign of. . .
I tell myself when I get angry. . .
To take three deep breaths before I say anything.
It's not my fault.
I'm going to get whoever is responsible.
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