Frequently Asked Questions Learn More about Say It Just Right™ Communication

What does Total Communications mean?

As your total communications coach, I help you deal with communication issues on many levels. The total means that this help is available through customized seminars, through teleclasses, through coaching and through ongoing resources. Communication is an ongoing process that takes more than one strategy to perfect. Total communication leads to Say It Just Right™.

What does Say It Just Right™ mean?

The Say It Just Right™ Model of communication was developed by Total Communications Coaching. It is a step-by-step approach to communication that will help you talk your way out of sticky situations at work.

Can I attend the customized seminars?

The customized seminars are designed for the employees of specific organizations and would not necessarily be as meaningful to you as individual coaching or teleclasses available here on this website. However, your organization can contact me to explore offering customized seminars for you.

What happens if I can’t come to the scheduled teleclass?

That’s not a problem – my teleclasses are all recorded. When you register for a teleclass, you will automatically receive a link to the subsequent recording, allowing you to review the live event at your convenience. Recordings of prior teleclasses are archived and available for purchase under Ongoing Learning.

What is coaching?

Coaching helps you set goals and then develop a strategy to achieve them, providing support throughout the process. It's not unlike having a personal trainer or an athletic coach, but in a business sense. The achievement of goals is something that comes more quickly as a result of the coaching partnership.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works when there are two factors present: 1) The client is willing to grow, and 2) There is a gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Coaches bring communication expertise that they share with the client. The client is willing to try new ideas and take risks. In the coaching environment the client experiences support, information and access to resources as well as an opportunity to forward thinking and growth.

Where do I start with a coach?

Like anything else, coaching starts with getting to know one another and with developing the coaching relationship. The coach and client must have a good relationship for the experience to succeed. Usually the coach begins with tools that enable the client to identify his or her strengths. Sometimes other communication assessment tools are used, depending on the coaching focus. To start with a coach, sign up for my free coaching session.

What if I don’t like my coach?

Your first coaching session is always free. During that session you decide if coaching is for you and also if there is a good fit for you and the specific coach. If you don’t like your coach, you are under no obligation to continue. If, however you sign on with the coach and after 30 days you decide you want to end the coaching relationship, you may do so. When you sign on for coaching, you do it on a monthly basis. You will be charged only for the fee-paying sessions you had and refunded for anything more.

Are All Coaching Sessions by Telephone?

The majority of coaching sessions are by telephone and last between 30 to 45 minutes. If the client and the coach agree to face-to-face coaching, that is possible, but it is the exception. The client calls the coach at a previously scheduled appointment time.

Is it possible to hear well during a Teleclass?

Usually the teleclass is controlled with the mute button or hitting *6 on your telephone. This feature enables people calling from busy places to mute out and not disturb the call. If background noise should ever become an issue, the moderator or speaker can place the call in “lecture mode” where everyone is muted except for the speaker. This feature can be turned off or on to accommodate question and answer sessions.

How do I call in for a teleclass?

When you register for the teleclass, you will receive an email with the telephone number to call at the scheduled time and your own pass code number (PIN) to enter the call. Once you key in your PIN, you will be on the call with the instructor and the other class participants.

Can I take a teleclass if I live outside the USA?

Absolutely! That’s one thing that makes teleclasses so interesting - you are engaged in a virtual setting with people (and perspectives) from all over the world. Individuals anywhere can call into the teleclass bridge line. Each participant pays any long distance charges that apply, just as they would for any call they make; but there are never any fees added by us as the provider of the teleconference service. Also, be aware of any time zone differences that exist. All of our teleclasses are conducted in U.S. Eastern Standard or Daylight Times.

How can our organization customize one of your seminars?

All you have to do is contact Joan Curtis by email or telephone. I’ll gladly help you look at what kinds of programs might suit you.

If our organization wants to customize a program, are those listed on the website all that you have available?

The programs listed on this website are a sample of programs. I am developing new programs all the time, and will gladly talk to you about designing a new program to meet your particular needs.