How Good Are You on the Podium?

When giving a 30 minute speech, it's a good idea to
Talk for longer than 20 minutes before you involve the audience.
Never involve the audience.
After a brief introduction, get your audience involved.
The podium is there
To protect you from the audience.
To give you a place to put your notes.
To give you a good place to stand on the stage.
You try and use PowerPoint slides that
Are colorful and artsy.
Give lots of information.
Hold cues to your speech.
As far as you are concerned, preparation before your speech
Not necessary if you really know your material.
Includes not only the written speech but also the delivery.
Only requires you to jot down a very rough outline.
A good lead in for a speech is
A joke that will make the audience laugh.
An outline of what you are going to say.
A personal story that captures attention and is relevant to the topic.
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