How Powerful is Your Voice?

People who always use microphones during speeches
Are insecure about themselves
Never had any voice training
Worry that their voices will not be heard
Recognize the power of voice and want to make it work for them
The best way to slow down a presentation is to
Fill spaces with "um's"
Pause after a powerful statement
Talk slower
Add your extra page of notes
The best time to give your most powerful message is
At the very beginning of the speech
In the middle of the speech
At the end of the speech
At the beginning and at the end of the speech
Word emphasis helps you
Change the meaning of a statement
Keep yourself interested in what you're saying
Adjust meaning and create interest
Has no real affect on your speech
When people add fillers like, 'I believe' or 'I think,' they communicate
That they are polite
That they are unsure about what they are going to say
That they want to gently make their points
That they are making their speeches longer
One way a speaker can add variety to their voices is to
Talk loudly
Speed up or slow down the pacing
Talk softly
Use fancy words
Speakers can improve their voices by
Practicing and listening to their own voice
Screaming as loud as they can
Listening to other good speakers
It's not possible to improve your voice
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