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Making Powerful Public Presentations - $29.95
By Dr. Joan C. Curtis

New Audio E-Course S

If you are an entrepreneur, starting a new business, or beginning a career in a major corporation the manner in which you single yourself out and separate yourself from the others is through public speaking

So many people fear speaking before groups. They shy away from the opportunity whenever possible. If you take the challenge and accept those opportunities to speak before groups, you will single yourself out among the crowd. Others will look at you with respect. You will be the person confident enough to stand up before your colleagues and peers and demonstrate your knowledge. This e-course is your first step in Making Powerful Public Presentations. You will receive 6-weekly modules:

  • Module 1. Tips for how to get past your fears, how to speak up for success. You’ll gain an understanding of some of the things that prevent us from accepting the challenge of speaking and you will learn ways you can take small steps to build your speaking confidence.
  • Module 2. What are the three main components of a presentation? You’ll learn about the Sender, the Audience and the Message and the importance of each. You will also get some tips on how to compensate for your style-related challenges.
  • Module 3. Tips for how to give a speech without notes. In this segment of this e-course, you will gain an understanding of the importance of practice. This module will give you tips for how to do that, whether or not you decide to discard your notes.
  • Module 4. Tips for engaging your audience. This segment of the course will give provide new ideas for audience engagement even when you face large audiences.
  • Module 5. Learn ways to add power to your voice, one of the most overlooked parts of your communication.
  • Module 6. How can you create powerful PowerPoint presentations? Many speakers rely too heavily on their audio-visuals. Learn in this module how to effectively avoid the perils of PowerPoint.

Listen to this free introduction to Making Powerful Public Presentations. Download now.

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Get all six modules in six weekly installments for the special low price.

Tips for Speaking to Large Groups - $9.99
By Dr. Joan C. Curtis

As public speakers, we have an obligation to engage our audiences. But, how do we engage the audience when there are obstacles, such as very large groups or when we are in a teleconference environment? Listen to the following teleclass and learn tips to engage large audiences.

What you’ll learn?

  • What causes fear in public presentation
  • Issues related to Sender--Audience—Message
  • How to organize your presentation
  • How to effectively use a podium, notes, audio/visuals and how to deal with questions
  • Tips to engage your audience
  • Learning how to effectively use a podium, notes and audio/visuals as well as experience how to deal with questions

Still not sure? Click below to hear a snippet from the class.

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Conflict Resolution Handbook - $9.95
Every day, in business and in life, conflicts arise. You will know how to deal with them when you say it just right.

Use this workbook and gain the skills you need for handling situations that will make or break a career or a personal relationship. Others have already learned these techniques and created their style for dealing with conflicts, and now you can too!

Here’s what you’ll get

  • Understand reactions to conflict in order to better manage behaviors.
  • Identify your own conflict management style by answering open ended questions and taking a conflict inventory.
  • Learn the Say It Just Right™ Model for communication to help you cope with conflict.
  • Develop a personal conflict resolution action plan.

Download your copy of this workbook for the amazing low price of $9.95

Strategic Interviewing: Skills and Tactics for Savvy Executives
By Dr. Joan C. Curtis

Do you ever wish you had a method for uncovering the REAL truth during an interview? Now you can master the secrets that successful interviewers employ to strip away the superficial and get a clear assessment of a candidate. By understanding the POINT strategic interviewing process, managers and human resource professionals can develop communication skill with a focused strategy that works every time. In this book you’ll learn how to ask purposeful questions, how to interpret nonverbals, and how to find the perfect candidate for your job. You’ll also learn ways to manage difficult interviews and how to keep your interviews legal.

Strategic Interviewing E-Manual: Introducing the POINT Selection Process - $19.99
By Dr. Joan C. Curtis

For those serious about improving their interviewing skills and those of their managers, this manual provides exercises that enhance the practical application of the POINT strategic interviewing process. Use this resource to help you envision and prepare for the variety of circumstances that can arise during interviewing – before you go face to face with candidates!

Self Assessments

Books & Resources

Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity
By Hugh MacLeod

This book will take you one hour to read, but it is full of insights. The author speaks honestly and sometimes harshly, but the point is clear. Creativity takes risks. He further blasts corporate America which tends to support collaboration and not creativity. Collaboration is fine so long as there’s been creative and critical thought. MacLeod believes we’ve sacrificed creativity for conformity.

I have recommended this book to many of my clients--those about to embark on a new and scary venture and those who are in the midst of living their dream. It not only gives people the incentive to move forward but it does so in a practical manner. The author doesn’t say quit your day job. He says do what you love and do what makes money. The author says that the most compelling path is the lonely one.

After you spend the first hour reading this, re-read it, soak it all up. The second reading will reveal new treasures.

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box - $15.95
By The Arbinger Institute

This book provides an excellent tale of leadership. It's written like a parable. While reading, allow yourself to enjoy the journey. Essentially the Arbinger Institute provides us with a framework for leadership that focuses on "getting out of the box." If you're wondering what the box is, it's that place where we all reside when we focus on ourselves. The challenge of leadership is to focus on others and to treat others as people and not as objects. This sounds like a simple task, but to accomplish it requires a lot of soul searching. The book not only looks at relationships at work but it also examines relationships at home. Suddenly we recognize ourselves on the page. We see that we may not treat those we love as people. When we place blame or go against our true desires, we are in the box.

The first step in getting out of the box is to read this book. The second step is to practice the principles. I have already recommend this book to my coaching clients who want to develop their leadership and improve their interpersonal relations with others. When we step out of the box, we see our true selves.

Big Sister's Guide to the World of Work
By Marcelle DiFalco and Jocelyn Greenky Herz

I have recommended this book to nearly everyone I teach and all my coaching clients, even the men.

Why? It gives you the straight scoop. It does not gloss over the truth. If you want to know how to 1) advance in your career 2) make a positive impression on the people around you 3) reach your dreams 4) manage conflict 5) improve your verbal and nonverbal communication 6) interview for a job 7)network, this book is for you. And, to top it off, it's clever and funny--a great read.

This little book is worth every penny it costs and I hope the M and J will write another one soon.