Rate Your Leadership Ability

Pick the one answer that best describes you in a leadership capacity.

Whenever an opportunity to lead a project comes up, I tend to
Volunteer right away.
Think it through and often decide against it.
Immediately decide I'm too busy.
Encourage someone else to take the lead.
When it comes to delegation, I tend to
Do things myself because it takes less time.
Only delegate the things I know people can do easily.
Encourage people to stretch and give support when needed.
Scale down tasks and then carefully watch individual progress.
When people come to me with their problems, I tend to
Tell them to solve them themselves.
Listen to what they have to say and then give them my advice.
Listen with an open mind and question them to help them discover their own answers.
I rarely have time to listen to people's problems.
When I'm conducting meetings, I tend to
Go straight to the agenda and limit discussion.
Start and end on time regardless of the group's desires.
Let the group know what its decision making role is and then proceed from there.
Allow everyone to share their opinions and ideas no matter how long the meeting takes.
When it comes to self-awareness, I tend to
Listen and learn from everyone's perception of my leadership.
Discard many opinions because most people are jealous of my position.
Become overly concerned about negative feedback.
Listen to the people I respect.
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