Seasonal Depression

1. Do you find yourself drawn to rooms with lots of windows?
2. On the day in which day-light-savings time ends, do you feel sad?
3. Do you lose weight in the winter months?
4. At work are you noticeably more productive in the spring and summer than in the winter?
5. Is either the spring or summer your favorite time of the year?
6. Does it matter to you whether you live in climates where there is more light or not?
7. In the wintertime, do you hibernate at home and avoid your friends?
8. When it's dark and dreary outside, do you feel dark and dreary inside?
9. Is it hard for you to work, go out, maintain your relationships and do what you have to do to survive in the wintertime?
10. When you awake on a cold winter morning do you feel better when sunlight is streaming into your room than you do when it's cloudy?
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