Meeting the Communication Challenge in Your Organization Customized Seminars to Say It Just Right

Attracting the best employees – and retaining them – can be an important element in helping your company succeed. But how can you meet this challenge in today’s competitive and ever-changing job market? What attracts the ideal candidate and keeps them on your team?

Investing to Retain Talent

One of the key factors cited by talented employees who stay with their employer, is a sense of challenge and the experience of improving their skills and contribution. In fact, science now reveals why: In just the last 10 years, research on the human brain shows that learning – the creation of new neural pathways in the brain – triggers the release of chemicals that elevate our mood.

In short: learning feels good, especially when it is something that we can apply to our own situation. This is one reason why companies increase retention when they offer high quality training to challenge the individual and stimulate continuous improvement. Research also reveals that money alone doesn’t provide job satisfaction or lasting motivation. Successful organizations know they must invest in educational opportunities, individual coaching, and other amenities to retain their best talent.

That’s why Total Communications Coaching provides customized seminars, designed with the specific needs of your organization in mind. Now you can offer training events that communicate in your organization’s own language, to fit your specific culture—whether manufacturing, service, medical or corporate.

Meeting The Demands of Today’s Fast Pace

Today ‘customized training’ also means accommodating a highly distributed and flexible workforce. Requiring everyone to meet in a conference room or travel offsite may not be practical for your team. Total Communications Coaching offers the flexibility and ease of teleclasses.

Why offer a teleclass? Teleclasses offer a unique value to today’s organization. They save money in time and travel, while providing the interaction between participants not offered by automated learning.

Organizations who prefer the teleclass format:

  • Have remote teams or a geographically dispersed workforce
  • Need to keep travel expenses low.
  • Are small enterprises or entrepreneurial firms that cannot afford to have people missing for long periods.
  • Have employees who prefer to learn at their desks one-hour a week, rather than travel for face-to-face training programs.

Whether the training must travel to your team or bring them together in a teleclass, Total Communications Coaching provides the customized content and flexible format to sharpen your team’s communication skills, while keeping them challenged and engaged.

To explore training possibilities for your company, feel free to contact Total Communications Founder Joan Curtis for a complimentary review of your needs.

Previously Offered Customized Training (in both traditional and teleclass formats)

To better understand the potential for training in your organization, here are just a few examples of our work:

How to Say It Just Right™

We often find ourselves in situations where we need to stand up for something or where we feel others have taken advantage of us. Sometimes in these situations we withdraw and never say anything; other times we overreact and become angry or defensive. We need to learn communication skills that can help us become more self-confident so we can say it right the first time.

Through demonstration and hands-on practice, this class prepares you to skillfully ask for what you want with confidence, using a communication framework that assures a greater chance of success.

Interviewing Savvy— The POINT Process

No longer can companies afford to conduct standard interviews that rely heavily on references and other supplemental sources to help them reach hiring decisions. Because of the high costs associated with turnover, it’s time to train managers on how to interview for optimal results.

This workshop introduces strategic and behavior based interviewing. Managers will learn the components of the POINT process in a practical environment to find the best candidates to fill positions. Highly customized to fit the organization’s current hiring procedures, this workshop maximizes the company's potential to attract and retain strong human capital.

High Performance Presentations

Public presentation skills are the most essential skill set for today’s leaders. A person who can deliver ideas in a confident, concise, and clear manner in a public setting wins clients, draws attention, and fosters personal success. To achieve this kind of speaking expertise takes practice and guidance. This workshop on High Performance Presentations is the first step toward becoming a confident conveyer of ideas to peers, upper level associates and clients.

This class builds the basic skills participants need to succeed in delivering high performance presentations, while creating public speaking confidence. This workshop is a must for new managers and rising performers the company wants to groom for retention and advancement..

The Art of Connecting

People take 5 to thirty seconds to decide if someone can do what they say. Within that first 30 seconds we must prove ourselves credible. Credibility means determining if a person is believable. This workshop provides the skills to enable you to connect. Once people gain a better understanding of how they relate to people, they find that many of the communication problems they have experienced begin to disappear. By learning about your personality style and the styles of others, you are in a position to “flex” your style as needed, adapting to more people and various situations. With practice, even those who are ‘socially awkward’ soon begin to communicate with ease.

This workshop helps people learn how personality style can facilitate their ability to relate to others. It gives them the skills they need to connect in a variety of situations with all kinds of people in order to create credibility in the first 30 seconds.

Presenting a Confident Image

Confident people get noticed. They capture attention from others, including their bosses and their coworkers. Most of us wish we felt confident all the time. We see others, who appear so composed, and we aspire to that level of composure. What we don’t realize is that all of us experience feelings of insecurity at times. Some people just know how to respond to these situations better than others. They know how to come across as if they felt confident – and this skill can be learned.

What does it take to become confident and composed? This workshop provides ways to respond to difficult workplace situations with greater composure. You will also learn how to interpret different body language and examine the kinds of professional images people take seriously. You’ll evaluate your own visual, vocal and verbal image in order to become a more confident, composed person.

Attaining “Yes”: How to Manage Conflict and Benefit From It

In many situations whether at work, at home or visiting our in-laws, we all face conflict. For most of us in the midst of a conflict, we become agitated, defensive or worse, angry. Often our emotions color the way we see the situation and the people involved in the conflict. Sometimes in hindsight we recognize what we should have done or wish we had done to avoid the conflict or to better manage it. Wouldn’t it be nice if our very sensible hindsight would kick in sooner?

This workshop helps you face conflict head on, look at yourself in relation to conflict, and learn various ways from mediation to negotiation that help you “get to ‘yes.’” It also helps you see the value of conflict. When emotions are held in check, conflict can bring about valuable insights, producing highly creative solutions and cohesive work teams.

High Performance Coaching

We became leaders because we did something well. In the “doing” we caught the attention of others, and we moved up in the organization. Now that we’ve moved up, our jobs have changed. We no longer are required to perform the same tasks and instead are required to manage and lead others. Yet, no one told us how to support and foster people in this role. Do we tell them? Do we teach them? Do we show them? What exactly does it mean to be a manager of people?

The goals of this workshop are to give you the tools to help others become better than their best and to learn about that job no one told you about—that very complex job of managing people.

Team Building Retreats

The philosophy behind retreats is to enable groups to step back, examine certain issues, and chart their course for the future.

Team building retreats improve the quality and effectiveness of group decision-making and problem solving. Rather than offering solutions, retreats provide a structure and a process that help groups solve their own problems. Above all else retreats encourage open communication and a sharing of information and ideas between participants, leading to better understanding. The result is team cohesiveness that improves the decision-making process by cutting short negative interpersonal dynamics.

The goal of team building retreats is to enable groups to appreciate where they've been and where they want to go. Retreats establish a learning environment that encourages thoughtful reflection about accomplishments, relationships, and goals. The essence of a retreat is to transform your group of individuals into a cohesive and powerful team that produces dynamic results.

To explore training possibilities for your company, feel free to contact Total Communications Founder Joan Curtis for a complimentary review of your needs.