Sticky Situations

1. If you had a boss who promised you a job assignment and then gave it to someone else. Would you. . .
Threaten to quit
Tell him you're upset and discover the specific reasons you didn't get the promotion
2. If your boss won't listen to your ideas and you know that things need to change, would you. . .
Negotiate with your boss and explain if things don't change the company could lose business
Talk to your boss's supervisor
3. If your friend asks you for a recommendation and you know your friend isn't qualified for the job, would you. . .
Make the recommendation anyway
Tell your friend you can't make the recommendation and explain why
Conveniently forget and never make the recommendation
4. You supervise a group of people who are giving you a lot of trouble. They deliberately withhold information from you and scheme to undermine your authority, would you. . .
Talk to each individually to determine what can be done
Fire them all and start over
Try and befriend them
5. The group you supervise routinely conducts informal meetings without you. You've noticed that one person instigates the meetings. Do you?
Fire or reassign the one person
Attend the informal meetings uninvited
Talk to the instigator and proceed with disciplinary measures if necessary
6. One of the sales managers steals your prospects. You've seen him lurking around your desk and caught him when he contacted one of your prime buyers. Would you. . .
Immediately report him to your supervisor
Steal his prospects
Confront him
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