Virtual Groups/Teleclasses
Learn at Home or In Your Office

Teleclasses offer the most efficient use of your time, allowing you to learn without the hassle of travel, parking or even getting dressed up. You can enjoy the benefits of learning without leaving your home or office, yet still network with teleclass participants, interact with the instructor, ask questions and share insights.

What is a virtual coaching group? It is a group of 6 to 8 people who come together over a period of time to help each other reach their individual goals. The group is lead by a trained coach. You all get the benefits of one-on-one coaching at a much reduced cost.

  • The benefits of virtual coaching groups are:
  • Group support to help you reach your goals
  • Forward movement toward your goals with group accountability
  • Facilitation by a coach/leader
  • At home coaching by telephone
  • Tips and information you can apply to build your business or improve your communication

The following virtual coaching groups and teleclasses offer convenient online registration. You will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how and when to join the call.

A Virtual Coaching Group

If you hate speaking to groups or if you hate reaching out and shaking someone's hand, this special 6-week workshop is for you!

You can learn what you need and get the support you need to take that important business step--that step that leads to success--Speaking up for Success.

You are invited to join a Virtual Group of business professionals who want to improve their public speaking skills. We will meet 4 times over 4 weeks as a group and by telephone. In each session, you will learn ways to overcome fear in public speaking, to engage your audience, to attract others to you, to build your business through speaking engagements. You will have an opportunity to create a public speaking plan that will propel your business. Come learn from an expert who is willing to share practical tips that will turn you into a dynamic speaker.

Registration will be limited! So, don't miss this opportunity to put your public speaking fears behind you.

Fee: $210 ($35/session)

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All sessions are at 12noon EST on Thursdays. Spring session begins on March 19 and ends on April 9. The fall session begins on August 27 and ends on September 17.

Savvy Interviewing for Women Entrepreneurs - 5 Week Teleclass
This workshop introduces you to strategic and behavior based interviewing. It teaches women entrepreneurs the components of the POINT process in a practical environment so they can hire the best candidates for their open positions. The entrepreneurial environment requires a unique skill set. This workshop will help you identify ideal candidates while applying the skills you learn for productive interviewing.

Fee: $199
Coming Soon!

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