What is Your Social Media IQ?

Twitter is
A sound a bird makes.
A sound people make when they are not sure what to say
A micro-blogging site.
None of the above.
The best use of Facebook is
To reconnect with old friends.
To post pictures of yourself and your friends.
to post your business activities and events.
All of the above.
More upper management--CEO's, CFO's--participate on which social network the most
They do not participate on any.
It's a good idea to Tweet
Every week, at least once.
Every day, at least twice.
Seven to ten times a day.
What's a Tweet?
The difference between a status update on Facebook and a Tweet is
They're the same.
A Tweet is a sound a bird makes.
Facebook status updates only go to your friends. Tweets go to all of Twitterville.
None of the above
One thing you can do on LinkedIn that you cannot do on the other social networks is
Personally interact with members of your groups.
Invite people you don't know to connect with you.
Start a new group.
All of the above.
If you sell something on the social media, you should never
Spam your friends or connections.
Miss an opportunity to talk about your product or service.
Open the door for a dialogue.
All of the above.
When creating your profile for the social media, you should
Customize your profile depending on which social media tool you're using.
Share business as well as personal information about yourself.
Post a picture of yourself, not your company logo.
All of the above.
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